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We currently offer several types of foundation flood vent options & accessories.

  1. Trim & Sleeve Kits: Fit into rough openings to provide a clean and finished look on the interior wall. Available for use with standard masonry flood vents (1540-533) and wood wall models (4 depth 1540-573 and 9 depth 1540-573-9). Stainless steel sleeve lining is available in a 7 inch sleeve that can expand up to 12 inches, and a 10 inch sleeve that can expand up to 15 inches.
  2. Fire Dampers: Intended to be used in situations in which fire proofing is required on a wall in which flood venting is installed (usually a garage or vestibule). Smart Vent fire dampers are certified to provide two hours of fire resistance. Fire dampers can be safely installed in the same cavity for either of the flood protection models, without interfering with their operation.
  3. Pour-in-Place Vinyl Bucks: Allows stainless steel foundation flood vents to be installed directly into concrete forms. The bucks eliminate the need to create an opening manually and can accomodate standard full and nominal foundation-wall thickness.  Fully assembled units are shipped ready to install with a protective film and wood bracing that protects the buck and flood vent when the wall is poured. 
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